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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Most of us eat and drink without worrying about our digestion and defecation. This book is intended for those whose life is affected by the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation. For some people, IBS is a trivial complaint, the equivalent of some people's tension headaches. For others, it comes to dominate their lives.

This suffering may be compounded by the derisory attitude adopted towards irritable bowel syndrome by some health professionals and some lay people. Nobody dies of irritable bowel syndrome, so it might be seen as a trivial complaint blown out of all proportion by depressed pathetic people. But this isn't so. It is easy to feel isolated with irritable bowel syndrome despite the fact that it may afflict up to 20% of the population.

People with irritable bowel syndrome should understand that, historically, blaming the victim was a common response to insoluble problems. The attitude of health professionals, the media and the public in general towards irritable bowel syndrome has greatly improved in recent years. In part this reflects the realisation of just how common a condition it is in all societies, but mostly it reflects our greater understanding of irritable bowel syndrome as a condition. We are better able to diagnose and treat irritable bowel syndrome than ever before. The future holds greater promise.

Our aim is to take your knowledge of irritable bowel syndrome one step further. It answers questions in more detail and depth than is usually available from help leaflets and websites. It does not promote a single solution. Rather, it explains the 'physiology' and 'pharmacology' behind currently available treatments - that is, how they affect the body - encouraging and empowering people to try different strategies to reduce the impact of irritable bowel syndrome on their lives.

There are three main questions that people always ask about irritable bowel syndrome:

  • What causes irritable bowel syndrome?
  • Can I be sure that I don't have something else?
  • What can I do about irritable bowel syndrome?


The answers to these three questions and more will be explained for you on this website.


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Please note that the information provided on this website is for guidance purposes only - if symptoms persist always consult a doctor.